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So I entered this contest to win Ed Sheeran Tickets to his concert in Belgium in Novemeber & I was wondering if you guys could help me?

All you have to do is search for my name “Maïté Gonzalez Gutierrez” in the list & click on the ♥ next to it :)

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Ed Sheeran - Live Deezer Session

1. 00:12 Sing
2. 03:58 Don’t
3. 07:33 Thinking Out Loud

Ed Sheeran - Don’t  (Live Deezer Session)
"Afire Love, was a song that originally started off with me watching and episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer in season two where Angel kills Jenny Calendar. She has a funeral and there’s a piano part that plays and it’s called ‘Jenny’s Lament’. It’s a very ‘in the background’ part, but it is very emotive and it’s a beautifully played, beautiful sound and I remember watching that and saying I’m going to do something with that piano part one day I just don’t know what. And when I was living in Nashville with Johnny McDaid he had a MPC where you could chop stuff op and we put it in the MPC and I was just playing around with different melodies that you could with it.

I came up with the *sings melody* and that was just a loop for a long time and when it came to thinking of the verse I used the Buffy melody basically, but with a Hip-Hop beat behind it, so then that beat existed for a while and then Foy Vance came to stay and he laid an idea for the chorus and then that existed for a while and then when I was staying with Foy he was ‘we need to complete that song, I think it’s really good’ and I was like ‘I think it’s really good as well but I don’t really know any subject matter that would fit something like that, I don’t really know how to approach it’ and it got me thinking.

My grandfather had had, did have Alzheimer’s for about twenty years and it was a subject that I really wanted to tackle, so I wrote a verse about that an then I couldn’t really think of a second verse to do and then my grandfather passed away shortly afterwards and the second verse pretty much came out that day.

I remember sitting in my grandmother’s living room with all the family around and playing them the song and it was a very emotional experience, I guess. That’s one of the most personal songs on the album and it’s one that a lot of people have told me that they relate to, so maybe more and more people, the further the album gets along can relate to that song.”

"So the track Thinking Out Loud is the last song that I recorded for the album which was done February 2014. Amy Wadge, who I’d done The Songs I Wrote With Amy EP had travelled down to Suffolk to come and say hi as I hadn’t seen here in a long time and we spent about ten hours just talking on my sofa and it’d come about one o’clock in the morning and we whip out guitars and we start writing, and I was like I have this house song that I’ve been asked to write on it was a Martin Garrix tune and I was like do you want to help me write on that?

And so we wrote this Martin Garrix tune and I went upstairs to have a shower, I don’t know why, coz I think I hadn’t had a shower that day and I came back down stairs and she was playing this riff *sings riff* and I was just there vibe-ing and in my head I was like this sounds like it would be the first dance at a wedding like we should try to write the perfect wedding song for the perfect first dance and I drew on an experience I was having at that time, I’d met a very cool person and wanted to tell the whole world about it and that was my way of doing it I guess and the songs approach was just soul, trying to do a sweet soul song that sums up how you feel about someone when you fall for them hard I guess.”

"Bloodstream was a song that I did with Rudimental, in the studio with them, but it worked on two ideas I’d had before. I went on a night of drinking with Gary Lightbody in December 2012 and we ended up back at his flat and just started writing this song and there was one line that kind of just stuck out which was ‘Tell me when it kicks in’ and that was the only bit, like the whole song sounds completely different to Bloodstream, but when I wrote that I was like, ‘I kind of like that line’ and that line was always there for a long time, it was written in my phone and I tried it on a lot of different things and it never really worked and when I was living with Johnny McDaid in LA we were working out ideas for songs and I said ‘how about this’  and I played the riff. Then we got the riff down, they did a beat behind it and when it came to the chorus there were no lyrics and I was like going ‘Tell me when it kicks in’ and the drum and bass would kick in."

hey u know where will be ed at the 13th of July? xx
Not really, somewhere between Norway & Belgium I presume :)

If you can't upload the audios (Bloodstream,...), can you please just post the explanations? Thanks. :)
Hi dear anon! Of course, I’ll post the explanations later today :) x

Well I can’t seem to upload Bloodstream, Thinking Out Loud or Afire Love because the audio files are too big.. if anyone knows smt I can do about it, please tell me.. until then I’m trying to find a solution as well ;)

where are you getting these quotes from ed about each song?
I went to the pre-listening party of ‘x’, they gave us papers with the explanation for each song on it, that Ed wrote, and we got to keep it :)x
The Man
by Ed Sheeran + 299 plays
"The Man was one of these songs where I had a drum loop and that piano guitar part done and it was very much an hour process to finish that song. I was very frustrated at that point, much like Don’t and words just fell out of me, there wasn’t really much thought process of putting anything together, it was just, this coming out of me and this is the chorus and then it was done, it was a very quick song to finish. Quite a brutal song on both aspects to the person that it is about and to myself, self-deprecating and all of that. I think it definitely deserved a place on the album and I hope people like it."
by Ed Sheeran + 537 plays
"Runaway was a song that I played to my dad and he wasn’t that happy with  just because I wrote it about someone whose couch I used to lie on that liked to drink, a lot, and I wanted to write a song tackling their demons without naming them. So I thought the best possible way to do that would be to reference him as my father which stopped the conversation with my friend, was t about him, but it also opened up a conversation with my dad, which..err..wasn’t ideal, but my dad understands it’s just music at the end of the day.

But that was a song that I did with Pharrell and it’s very 70’s, it’s very Blues-y, very soul driven. I really like it. It’s about my friend who’s couch I lived on for about two years and used to, in the song I’ve known it for a long time ‘Daddy used to wake up to a drink a nine’ and this guys used to literally wake up to drink at 9 and I’d be like’mate, it’s nine o’clock in the morening’ adn he’s like ‘Not in Florida!’ and I’m like ‘..faire play’.”

Tenerife Sea
by Ed Sheeran + 2,609 plays
"Tenerife Sea was written on a patio overlooking a lake in Nashville. I was with Foy Vance and Johnny McDaid and we’d just had dinner. We were outside having a smoke and Foy was playing this riff on the guitar that was quite different to the Tenerife riff but not too far away and we just started singing stuff over it, and it actually got quite emotional because it’s such a, drone, acoustic thing that on a very tranquil thing like a lake, the atmosphere it draws you in. That song didn’t take too long to do at all, we recorded it that night as well.

That song was basically about an experience I’d had at the Grammy Awards I’d gone there with my girlfriend at that time and we both didn’t really fit in at all, we were both from completely different worlds to what the Grammys were. And experiencing it and being at an after party and totally out of our depth and she has electric blue eyes like as blue as if you see the holiday brochures of the tenerife, as blue as that sea so that’s what the reference was initially. Yea, it was basically just me and her saying ‘do you want to go and get a burger and watch James bond on room service?’ so we left and did that and that’s pretty much what the song is about, quite a simple idea.”

Sorry I haven’t been able to post the other songs with Ed’s explenation, I’ve been rather busy.. I will however post them tomorrow, so no worries ;)